June 2013 Exeter Astronomy Education Conference

It is that time again! I will be hosting another astronomy education conference starting this weekend! The weeklong meeting will allow astronomy educators from around the USA to discuss and try various methods of teaching modern astronomy and astrophysics. Topics that have been covered in detail in the past:

  • CCD Imaging: photometry, color work, narrow band filters, astrometry, guiding, installation, design.
  • Observatory design, construction and maintenance.
  • Available software for astronomy, science, data reduction, learning and labs.
  • Required topics in astronomy.
  • Best practices in astronomy education, pretesting, post-testing, assessment.
  • Teaching astronomy in difficult situations: limited budgets, light pollution, late nights out.

It is always a fun time, and generates a ton of communications following the event.  This year, we are once again full. We even had a wait list!  Stay tuned for more information as the week progresses.