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John Blackwell

Welcome to the ExeterAstro blog. The primary focus of this area will be to disseminate news, images and more from the Phillips Exeter Academy observatory in Exeter, NH.

The author of the blog is (me) John Blackwell, the observatory director. You might run into me at the domes late at night or see me on campus. Here I am hanging onto the mounting for the FRC-300 telescope in one of the domes.

About the Observatory

The Phillips Exeter Academy Grainger Observatory is a state of the art facility for astronomical research. The facility includes three domed observatories, a heated classroom building with library and numerous additional instruments to assist students with their research.  The observatory is used by the three astronomy courses at the Academy as well as by other courses as required. The facility is also open to the public on clear Friday evenings when school is in session. How to know when it is open? Simple! We use a Twitter account for getting the word out to students and the public.  Go to Twitter and subscribe to our tweets so that they go to your cellphone or other devices. Our Twitter name: PEA_Obs

The observatory also has a Facebook Page: please visit, Like, and Follow:  www.facebook.com/PEAObservatory 

I hope you enjoy this blog and the other social media sites as well.

Clear Skies,


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