The Structure Takes Shape

This has been an exciting couple of weeks. As we have seen our first frost of the season (no snow just yet!), we have been putting up the frame and the structure of the building.  Click on images for full size.

The first wall goes up

The corners of the building have been placed and the first wall frame goes up.

Work on the wall frame continues

Work on the wall frames continues. Soon after this they will be sheathed with plywood.

The structure takes shape.

The four walls are up, and the roof’s lower layers have been installed. There is also a ring for the dome.

The entrance to the structure.

The entrance to the observatory. Note the walls inside have yet to receive their plywood, and the floor needs to have concrete poured.

Frame viewed from the rooftop

A view of the dome base framework from the rooftop. Imagine a large telescope on the pier with a 16′ dome surrounding it. The roof has a slight pitch to allow water and snow to run off to the north. 

Where's the dome? Here!

Another view from the roof. Where is that dome? Here it is! It’s the bundle of materials on the pallet. Some assembly is required. The black mats are covering what will be the walkway to the building.