Eagle Nebula in H-alpha

Conference image of the Eagle Nebula, M-16 in H-alpha: RCOS 10″ with STL-6303 ten minutes. Images stacked, deconvolved and contrast enhancement all done in MaxIm DL.


Exeter Astronomy Conference 2015

What a marvelous week this has been! We had 13 visiting educators here for detailed discussions and hands-on learning about astronomy, astronomy education, technology and methods…. all excellent!

Attendees 2015

Left to right, back row: Ben Moss, Peter Pitman, Brad Vietje, Joseph Acker, Tom Rutherford, John Blackwell, James Dickens. Front row: Joseph Putko, David Temple, Wendy Curtis, Faith Tucker, Miranda Heller, Maureen Adams, Anisha Vinod.

M57 RGB Color

Taken during our Astronomy Education Conference this last week… this is an RGB shot of the Ring Nebuka, M57 taken through the RCOS-10 at prime focus with an STL-6303 imager. 8:8:8 minutes per filter, color stacked and cropped in MaxIm DL.