Videos for Education

I have been spending some quality time working on videos for a variety of projects. One major project involved my heading out to the AAS meeting in Austin earlier this year. That took me away from a few classes that really needed some tech training. They were working on analysis of light curves taken from the Kepler Mission data set. That type of thing is easy to do in person, but it is one thing to be a student in a class with the teacher…. it’s a whole other ball game to be away from the teacher and trying this stuff out all alone. What to do? Videos! There’s some great screen capture software out there that allows one to record audio from a microphone while showing what the PC is doing at the same time. The results, some great videos now making history on YouTube:

Those being done, I decided to help out with another external-to-school project which needed some training in the astronomy software MaxIm DL. The result of this was a series of videos to show all the basic operations of the software. They wanted to learn about calibrations, darks, flats, biases, color imaging, etc. The result? Good enough reviews. A lot of people are sending in emails to say “keep ‘em coming!” I am amazed actually. Glad to be of help, people. That’s what the videos are for. So here they are:

They start with the very basic information and work their way up to the more complex topics: Astrometric reductions, time series photometry and the like. Enjoy!

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