Transit Observing Plan

THIS IS A WEATHER DEPENDANT EVENT:  Cancellations will be posted by twitter feed at  

The transit of Venus on 5th June will be the last opportunity to see such an event until 2117.  It is therefore a last-chance-of-a-lifetime event for us.  It occurs as the sun is setting. Event timings are as follows for our location:

  • First Contact:                        6:04PM EDT         Venus’ edge appears on sun’s face.
  • Second Contact:                   6:22PM EDT         Venus’ complete disk is visible on the face of the sun.
  • Sun Sets Behind Trees:       7:40PM EDT         Transit viewing effectively ends for us.

A simulation of the event is available online at this address:

Information for other locations is available at:

Our observing location will not be at the observatory, as that location has blocked westerly views. We will be setting up a portable observing site at the fields across from the observatory on the extreme eastern side.


It is NEVER safe to observe the sun without proper filters. Observing the sun without safe filtration will damage the human eye immediately and irreversibly. We will have telescopes with proper filters available for you to observe safely. We will also have a telescope for imaging the event in coordination with other sites to use for scientific research.

More Information:

Please go to for more information about this event and the Academy’s astronomy program as a whole. You can also go to for last minute announcements.

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