Magnetometer Testing: Installation and Software Operational

The magnetometer is now installed and running in a test location at the observatory. Both raw data and a continuous plot of data are available online at:   This URL is likely to change as things become more permanent. At this time, the data correlate well with other magnetometers. We are waiting for a couple of other installations in southern NH to complete before we are able to test thoroughly and make this available for scientific use. Stand by for that!  A typical data plot is below for a quiet day. The green stripe along the bottom indicates quiet conditions. As geomagnetic activity increases, the stripe will turn yellow then red when the K index hits 6 or more.


Geomagnetic activity from our magnetometer for 2016-December-15, a rather quiet day.

One comment on “Magnetometer Testing: Installation and Software Operational

  1. Congratulations on a successful installation, John. You’re the best! I’ll watch this magnetometer data with interest. Now…If only we could install a device to convince a certain party about global warming !! [👀]

    Chris H.


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